Flash Game License , developers dreams enclosed.

Some developers might have stumbled upon this article before finding FGL , others might have not so … here it goes. FGL encompasses a developers dreams into 1 neatly presented package , that only the stable boy would say ” Not for me son.” too! In the past year , FGL ( yes , you guessed it , it stands for Flash Game License ) has played a primary role in up and coming game development and the way we think about sponsorships. A handcrafted site , delivered in a unique way to an growing audience … boy I’d hate to be one of their rivals.

Lets start of with an analysis of the developer choices , take for example… ” Hi , My names David … I represent Zarman Studios and we’ve created a brilliant retro pixel plat former , I heard about FGL but never really saw the benefits “

This represents an issue , and no doubt probably for a lot of developers , they hear about FGL but don’t see the benefits so they just don’t bother. With a developer account , you can upload , gain feedback ( prior to the game going up for bidding ) either by the ‘ First Impression system ‘ or by general user feedback. The options also allow you to set your completion date  and completion % ( factors to consider when ordering First Impressions).  Now of course , we have to discuss the whole Sponsorship issue.

Your not alone..." I'm here too! "

I hear you say ” What does FGL offer , that I can’t do myself ? ” , in simple terms… ‘ quite a lot ‘. FGL has an extensive list , far extensive to any list you might find on the Internet of sponsors , this is mainly because its easier for the sponsor to negotiate and finalize deals through FGL as apposed to chasing around developers that might be on holiday in OMAN when they should be working. FGL also contains the function to put your game in the shop ( this is for site lock licenses etc. ) which no other site does.  Generally developers are told to wait up – to 2 weeks before accepting a bid , however in my case I know that is a long time to wait when you have nice offers already in during the first week. Who says you have to take the first bid or last bid? FGL is very user friendly , allowing you take full control of what your doing , however recent changes mean that the 10% commission after you have sold your game is mandatory , i.e. You pay 10% of your sponsorship moneys to FGL , as a thank you. Small price to pay really …!

Chat in A box!

Chat in a box? Impossible ? No way! At FGL the forums are regularly used , regularly updated with some forums only becoming accessible when you have reached a target  market level. The FGL staff I have  to give credit too also , namely FGL_Merlin for his efforts and contribution to overseeing operations at FGL. I also have to mention the wonderful Luke Mitchell a.k.a FGL_Luke who sadly isn’t there anymore , its safe to say… Luke really was a genius.

First Impression System – A system which is based on paid reviews by selected people , designed for in depth feedback

10% Commission – The Mandatory 10% of your sale which must be paid to FGL

Market Level & Community Level – Market level is determined by how much your games have sold for and converted those amounts into points , Community level is based on how many forum posts you have , how much game feedback and how much time spent in the FGL Chat


Flash Game License


Game Development , trial and error.

Glad you find this page.  I am going to explain about my time developing games , over a 1-2 year period. Yes , I am aware that 1-2 years isn’t very long at all to have been developing games. So , Catastrophic Construction was the first game. Any new or aspiring game developers may ask the question … ” Where do you get your ideas ? ”  See , Ideas for me comes on two levels. Originality and Moral persecution if you like. Originality in my opinion is the best kind of development , and for

My first success

Catastrophic Construction originality was key to game play , although critics compared it to other games and merely thought I had produced a ” Rip Off ” of other good games. However that is not the case. Original games are unique , there special , but I as a developer see another type of game a ” Moral persecution ” game i.e. A game thats just designed to make money , when the developer(s) doesn’t care for critics or even for the original game’s owner whom they’ve just produced a very close copy too.  Defining this boundary in terms of ideas , came to be the biggest problem in my eyes. Luckily when I came up with the idea of Catastrophic Construction , I wasn’t really aware of other games of this type so in a sense I was going into it blind. For anybody new coming into game design and game development , I think good all round advice would be to Do your research , first. Ideas come later. My ideas generally come when I least expect it , I’ll be sitting at my laptop playing on an mmorpg ( of which I have played many ) and I’ll suddenly be like ” Oh thats great , thats so cool… ” then I’ll begin frantically planning and have the game out with a matter of weeks.

I cant remember his name...

One of the issues I think aspiring developers are facing is , imagine the scenario : Me and my programmer have come up with a good original Box2d game but , who do we sell it too? Where do I find ” Sponsors ” ? Now , when I first began game developing I was in exactly the same situation and , as you read this you its going to sound like I’m some kind of prodigy but I’m not. At this present time , I would say I have a fairly broad contact base of Sponsors I’ve built up relations with either by , selling them games or otherwise. I didn’t really have the trouble that people have now in terms of finding sponsors and talking to them. Many people would argue that sponsors should become more accessible in terms of becoming more open in what they do. One of the sponsors I’ve had a lot of pleasure dealing with is Amit Aggarwal who runs CoolBuddy . When I approached Amit , theres just some sponsors you can get on with and I can safely say that after proving to Amit that I wasn’t just a jerk of a developer , and that I knew what I was talking about we became friends.  So to aspiring developers , My advice is this ” Introduce , Explain , Regain ” I think thats pretty straight forward.

You decide...

Ultimately you decide from the offers you get , which you choose.  Again I think there is a lot of confusion about sponsorship , license types , what you can and can’t do. Although I don’t favor Flash Game License , they are extremely useful for advice. FGL was actually key to getting a lot of the deals I have and I can’t really thank them enough (despite what they may think). Even I’m confused slightly about licenses such as ” Non Exclusive ” , but you wouldn’t really ask for a deal of that type anyway , most sponsorship types involve Primary type Licenses.

How I did it?

Take Catastrophic Construction 1 , Minijuegos placed an initial offer of $xxx , I then managed to raise them up to $xxxx. Your probably thinking something like … ‘ jeez , how did he do that? ‘. You shouldn’t be afraid to ask , you should be proud of what you’ve produced ( obviously not so arrogant that you end up insulting or hinting that the sponsors an idiot for not paying $x,xxx for your game ). The process for me was fairly straight forward , At that time I dealt with Pablo Celamor from Minijuegos , who was quite open to the kind of deal I wanted . Thus We produced Catastrophic Construction 2 , which because we turned it into a mini-series of games , Minijuegoes were quite keen to buy and pro-long the users on their site. This  time I did the same thing again , I bartered and got the deal I was looking for. To date , both games combined have over 7 million world wide plays.

I have added some useful Links (and to my games) for aspiring developers.

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